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Fubo Tv: History, Plan Pricing And Supported Devices

Nowadays many of us are glued to OTT platforms as they provide early access to our favorite TV shows, movies and many other live shows aired all over the world. Among all the other available OTT platforms Fubo TV is one of the most accessed public television services for live sports channels.

Fubo TV is an American streaming service which provides services to people living in the United States, Canada and Spain. The channel particularly focuses on distribution of live sports channels.

Channels provided by FuboTV may vary from country to country which include EPL, NFL, CPL, MLS, NBA, NHL, MLB. Apart from live sports channels it also provides news, tv shows and movie channels.

History Of Fubo Tv

Fubo TV History

The television service was co-founded by the CEO David Gandler, CMO Alberto Horihuela and Sung Ho Choi in the year 2015. At the time of launch, Fubo TV mainly focused on soccer-centric channels which cost $7 per month.

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In the year 2017, Fubo TV became a broader streaming service where they added entertainment and news programming in addition to sports channels MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA.

Year 2019

On February 20,2019 it was announced by FuboTV that it is going to add channels by Viacom Networks to its list. Though Viacom Networks doesn’t have any sports channel, but because it owns an undisclosed stake in Fubo TV this decision was made.

On March 5,2019 Fubo TV also expanded its streaming service by adding its 4K support to Big Ten Network, which is an American based sports channel based in Chicago, Illinois.

In the month of May 2019, Fubo TV partnered with FanDuel which is an American gambling company. It was to show the sports betting data on the live TV streaming service. This deal also included carriage of FanDuel’s horse racing networks TVG and TVG2.

An announcement regarding the addition of Discovery Networks to its list. In addition to that it also announced to add Scripps Networks which was acquired by Discover Networks. The Announcement was made on June 19,2019.

Year 2020

In the year 2020 Viacom CBS was also launched on Fubo TV in Spain.

On January 1,2020 Fubotv had to drop Fox Sports Networks due to high carriage costs after they were acquired by Sinclair Broadcast Group.

On March 9,2020 Fubo TV launched NHL Network, with further plans to add MLB Network and MLB strike zone with the focus to launch all four professional league sports networks on its platforms.

March 23,2020 marks the acquisition of Fubo TV by a publicly listed virtual entertainment technology company FaceBank Group founded by media technology entrepreneur John Textor.

Fubo TV was renamed to Fubo TV Media, Inc. which was to be led by original Fubo TV CEO David Gandler.

In the month of June 2020, John Textor resigned his post as Executive Chairman. In place of him Edgar Bronfman Jr. was named the new Executive Chairman who was a former chairman of Warner Music Group.

Other Board of Directors included Par-Jorgen Parson (early investor in Spotify) and Daniel Leff, a venture capitalist.

On July 1,2020 Fubotv dropped Warner Media networks including CNN and TNT.

On October 7,2020 FuboTV completed its initial public offering as a New York Stock Exchange company and raised around $183 million in proceeds.

Year 2021

After their successful acquisition of Balto Sports in December of 2020, Fubo TV announced plans to launch a free gaming app by the summer of 2021.

This app will be accessible to all the people whether they are subscribers of Fubo Tv or not.

In its fourth quarter of 2020, Fubo TV’s earnings were calculated to be more than 100 million in quarterly revenue for the very first time.

In May 2021 FuboTV announced that it’s first quarter earnings were the strongest in the history which was calculated to 119.7 million in revenue. It was an increase of 135% year-over-year and the counting of total subscribers came to be 590,430 which was 105% higher year-over-year.

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On June 30,2021 services from A&E Networks were dropped by Fubo TV which also included History, A&E and Lifetime.

Supported Devices for fubo tv

Fubo TV plan pricing

Starter Plan

this plan by FuboTV is the most basic plan in their list. For a subscription of $65 per month, it features over 100 channels. This current starter plan allows you to save your favorite shows with 250 hours of Cloud DVR space and watch on up to three screens. Not only this, this plan allows you to stream 130 events in 4K.

Pro Plan

with the cost of $70 per month, it has the same streaming quality as the starter plan, but the difference lies between the available space in Cloud DVR which increases to 1,000 hours. Adding to this, with this plan you can stream your favorite shows on up to 10 devices using your home internet.

Elite Plan

As the name suggests, the price of this plan is $80 per month, which offers around 160 channels and over 130 events in 4K. With all the channels in starter plans subscribers with this plan get Fubo Extra and News plus add-on packages. This package also includes 40 additional sports and entertainment channels and eight news channels.

Latino Quarterly Plan

This plan specially made for Fubo TV’s Spanish speaking sports fans. This plan caters more than 36 channels including channels like ESPN Deportes HD, Fox Deportes, BeIN Sports. The plan also includes CONMEBOL qualifier matches. This plan is prepaid for $99 every three months, which comes to $33 per month.

Supported Devices

Till now FuboTV can be accessed by people on almost every device like- Samsung Smart TV (beta) Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV (4th Generation and newer) Roku, Hisense Smart TV, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, LG Smart TV.

Fubo TV is accessible on mobiles with IOS, Android and even Chromecast (iOS and Android)

If people want to access Fubo TV on a computer they should make sure that their computer is Windows, Mac, Linux with a compatible browser. One of the compatible browsers recommended is Google Chrome but it’s not limited to that.

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