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Easy Ways To Boost Up Your Internet’s Downloading Speed

by Ganesh Kolekar
Boost Up Your Internet's Downloading Speed

Attempting downloads with the slow speed of the internet can be frustrating. But now you don’t have to stress out. Because  We are here to help you to boost up your internet’s downloading speed easily.

Nowadays, the fast speed of the internet is very important. If your internet connection is slow, sending files, downloading and uploading images to blogs, or just loading new pages to read will take forever. And this can dramatically affect your urgent work and wastes a lot of time.

Here, we will recommend 14 ways to increase your internet speed easily and download things quickly.

  • Disconnect any non-essential devices from the Internet.
  • Consider the switch off and on method.
  •  Scan for Viruses present in your computer system.
  • Disable the applications which you are not using during the download process
  • Try to resist uploading anything during the downloading process.
  • Check for Interferences within the system.
  • Try out a Fast VPN.
  • Change the location of Your Router.
  • Set up Protection for Your Wifi Network.
  • Connect through an Ethernet Cord
  • Modify your Internet connection speed.
  • Check for External Interference in your modem area.
  • Test out a  different modem/ router or get a new one.
  • Call your Internet Service Provider.

Boost downloading speed: How to increase the speed of your Internet?

Boost Up Your Internet's Downloading Speed
Ways To Boost Up Your Internet’s Downloading Speed

Firstly you need to run a speed check test on your setup to get an idea of the speed of your internet connection. And then try out these suggestions to improve your download speed.

Disconnect those devices from the Internet which are non-essential during the downloading process

The more devices you have on your network, the slower your Internet connection will be.  disconnecting phones, TVs, laptops, consoles, and other computers, will make your downloading process a lot faster.

Consider the switch off and on method

This next idea is pretty useful. All you have to do is just switch off your modem for a moment and then turn it on. This is known as power cycling and frequently fixes a ton of issues that affect your internet speed and thus make downloads slow.

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But, if you are facing some serious internet speed problems, you can try resetting your modem once every day.

Scan for Viruses present in your computer system

You need to make sure that no virus itself is causing your internet to slow down. If your computer has viruses then these viruses mess up the system and slow down the internet speed. You can install an antivirus and fix this issue without any problem.

Disable the apps you are not using during the downloading process

Turn off the applications that you don’t use when you are downloading a big (or a small) file. Because these apps utilize your bandwidth and make your internet connection slow resulting in a long downloading process.

Try to resist uploading anything during the downloading process

It might be important for you to upload something on your favorite social platform, but doing so while downloading will kill your download speeds. Either try to do the uploading work before or stay until all of your downloads have been finished.

Check for interferences within your system

There might be a virus scanner or other programs in your setup, interfering with the speed of your internet connection. Sometimes, this problem gets very irritating, but you can fix it by merely turning things off and on and continuing your work with speedy internet.

Try out a fast VPN

VPN is used by a lot of people as it protects your privacy, keeps your data secure, and lets you browse privately. All you need to do is select a VPN with proper bandwidth and infrastructure to promote a faster internet connection.

Change the location of your router

A short method to improve your internet speed is by changing your router’s location. If your router is placed at some distant location in your house then consider moving your router near your setup so that the wi-fi signals can reach it properly.

Set up protection for your wifi network

Your neighbors might be able to access your wifi network and this will take up internet bandwidth and slow down your connection. So, you should immediately set up password protection for your wifi network. Set a tricky password for your wifi and remember to change your password regularly, especially if you find any suspicious or unknown devices on your network.

Connect through an ethernet cord

Wifi is fine but a wireless connection is relatively slower than a cabled connection.

Just plug the ethernet cord into your modem, if it fits particularly in your computer system and that’s all.

Modify your Internet connection speed

Boost internet Downloading Speed
Boost Up Your Internet’s Downloading Speed

Some internet connections are unable to carry out bulky downloads, such as computer game installations. Many internet providers offer a “Gamer” package that emphasizes download speed, but you might have to pay quite extra for this package than the standard internet package.

Check for external interference in your modem area

You probably would have at least one electronic device in your modem area.

If that is the case, then you should examine if these things are causing electromagnetic interference. And if you suspect some electromagnetic interference, immediately move these electronic things out of your modem area.

Try out a Different Modem/Router or get a new one

A poor modem is one of the primary reasons for slow internet connection. If you are facing regular internet dropouts and have a slow downloading speed, then you should first test if your modem is suitable for the internet provider and plan you are using. You can contact your internet service provider and they will provide you with a list of cordial modems.

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But, if you like to buy a personal modem, the manual and description of the modem generally comprise a list of service providers it functions with. So, make sure to check that before spending any money. Your existing modem could also be operating poorly because of age, damages, dust, etc. Replacing the modem every 3 to 4 years is recommended to improve your internet speed.

Call your Internet Service Provider

If you have tried everything else and you are still not able to increase your downloading speed then you should make a call to your ISP and tell them about all the issues you are facing. We hope these easy and quick suggestions will help you increase your internet speed and turn your slow annoying downloading experience into a faster and more exciting one.

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