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Chirpty: How to use it and find your ” Twitter Interaction Circle” Introduction

by Rebica
Chirpty: How to use it and find your " Twitter Interaction Circle" Introduction

Twitter has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Twitter is an interactive platform where people share their ideas, experiences and viewpoints through the form of tweets. From celebrities to politicians everybody uses it to connect with people. You can also connect with your friends, acquaintances and follow your favourite celebrities.

You can be updated with their lives through Twitter and also connect with strangers. You must be seeing many accounts sharing a ‘Twitter Interaction Circle’ and you must be wondering what it is and how to use it. Well, you have come to the right place as this article will let you know everything there is to know about Chirpty and how to use it.

You must have always observed that all your acquaintances and contacts are recommended to you instantly. So, Chirpty is the application through which these images are shown. This application is used by Twitter API. Chirpty is an amazing platform that should be used by consumers to know who exists in their interaction circle.

What is the Chirpty web application?

chirpty circle

To precisely explain Chirpty, you should understand the working of the social media platform Twitter. As you engage with more of your acquaintances or individuals on Twitter Chirpty makes note of it. As a web application, it creates an image of those you engage with regularly.

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For creating an interactive circle you do not have to log in using your Twitter account as this web application uses public information which is already present from Twitter API. However, this might not always be the best thing. As sometimes people interact with strangers and often these strangers show up in their third closest circle.

Chirpty has been created by a Twitter user and a hacker named Duiker101. We are unaware of his other projects. A few years ago interaction circles had gone viral and there were queues of people waiting to get in one of them. However, now the process is very simplified and you can get one of your own in a matter of minutes.

Chirpty is one of the many tools you can use to be a part of an interaction circle. If you want to interact more, be a part of something amazing and know who do you interact with most, Chirpty is the way to go. Interaction circles will surround you with people with whom you interact most.

How can I know who exists in my Twitter Bubble?

You should follow the below-mentioned steps to create your own Twitter bubble and know who exists in it.

Step 1: Open the website

If you wish to know who exists in your Twitter bubble the first step is to open your browser and search and open the site ‘chirpty.com’.

Step 2: Entering Twitter handle

When you are done with the above step the next step is very simple. You just need to enter your Twitter handle and if there are any open slots available the tool will let you know.

Step 3: Downloading your image

You have to wait for a few minutes for the tool to get a result and then you can go towards downloading your image. After this, the tool will generate around three circles which are based on the order of your interaction with them.

If we talk about the proximity circles then the first step includes eight accounts, the second account includes fifteen and finally the third includes sixteen. At the end of this process, you can check out your proximity circles and be surprised by who you might find them. Sometimes the people you barely know might end up on them.

As you can see the process is simple and easier to follow. However, one drawback of this tool is that the lists are not editable. Before you go through all these steps and download the app Chirpty, the first thing you should do is change the background colour of your photo.

For instance, if we look at a developer’s blog and take into account during the evaluation, the replies, likes or retweets on the content of other users. However, if other people connect with your account it is not taken into consideration.

Every step has been provided with a numerical value in the algorithm. The developer states, “Because a retweet is unquestionably a stronger sign of interaction.” You should follow the step by step process mentioned above and if any problem arises you can contact the developer and he’ll help you by guiding you through the steps to be taken.

Everything to know about Free Slots

chirpty twitter circle

If you’re stuck on step 2 of the above-mentioned steps and the tool isn’t showing any free slot, this is because Twitter API only allows a precise number of requests every 15 minutes. Wait for some time to check the availability of slots.

If there are open slots available and accessible the platform will not notify you, you will need to refresh it every 15 minutes for it. Users’ requests are produced on a first-come, first-served basis to grasp the restriction.

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Yet, because there is always a means to get what you want, there are places like the so-called Chirpty Hopper, which enables you to avoid the line for $0.99. Chirpty also respects your privacy and will not access your tweets if they are set on private mode. The platform always respects the privacy of its users and would not violate it ever.


So this article mentions everything there is to know about Chirpty the web tool that you can use to create your Twitter interaction circle. It is really fun and amazing to know and create your interaction circle.

If we have missed anything you can let us know in the comment section below. If you have any issues while going through the whole process you can tweet the owner or email them at simone@masiero.io.

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