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Donation Kiosk: Tips To Pick The Right Fundraising kiosk

by Ganesh Kolekar
Donation Kiosks

Used in various circumstances from fundraisers to checkout charities to electronic tithing tables for the elderly, donation kiosks are fast-growing portable ways to gather donations from volunteers or congregation members that normally do not carry money. It is an increasingly popular way to collect money for church supplies and activities because many people are fed up with dragging their wallets out of their back pockets to pay for church-sponsored events. This problem has prompted several companies to produce donation kiosks in storefronts and some churches are even selling donation cards so members can give money directly to the needy. Some have even become fundraising projects themselves.

A simple solution to collecting money from its prospective clients is a donation kiosk. A portable device that displays a graphic of a cross, a donation card or an emblem is placed in a location where it is seen by everyone passing by. It collects money from passing supporters without their knowledge of the transaction. This has caused several complaints from the community because they feel they have been tricked into giving money when they knew there was no way of knowing how the money would be spent. To avoid this type of situation, churches should take precautions before they install a portable device for their donation collection programs.

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Donation Kiosk

First, a donation kiosk should offer a secure and comfortable donation experience. Its location should be easily accessible by those in the area and most importantly, it should provide a comfortable experience for those giving the funds. Since they won’t have to hold their cash, donors will be more likely to give in exchange for a free meal, a place to sit or a donation card. The longer it takes donors to withdraw their money from their accounts, the less likely they are to give.

Secondly, a good donation kiosk should offer great visual branding help. A customized graphic of Jesus or a symbol representing the cause the funds are being donated for can help draw attention to the booth. Many people who donate to church causes often don’t wear shirts with the logo they donate to. By putting their favourite charities on the front of their custom-made fundraising devices, they are more likely to put them on display and give donations. They can also display other promotional items such as coupons and discount cards. Custom logos on apparel and other promotional products draw attention to the giving device and increase brand awareness.

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A third reason why a good fundraising event program should include a donation kiosk is that the location where it is placed can actually influence the success of the fundraiser. When a donor sees a familiar logo on a familiar device placed at a familiar location, they are more likely to give. In some cases, the location doesn’t even need to be in the same city or town. If the fundraising event is being held near a lake or beach, it could be fun for guests to donate at the same time they see their favourite sports team playing in the stadium. In order to pick a great location, however, it must be in an area that gets plenty of foot traffic. This means choosing a location that has plenty of room to put the fundraising device.

Another important factor is to make sure the donation kiosk is compatible with the different credit cards the people will be using to make their donations. Different cards have different features. When possible, choose a product that has the most options for its customers. The more options it has, the better. Not every supporter uses all the same cards, so the organization needs to make sure it has a wide variety available to suit each individual customer.

There are a few other things to consider when selecting a donation kiosk. One is to make sure the display device is easy to clean. No one wants to get the logo on their clothes or they might not want to touch the device to make a donation. It also helps if the donation kiosk is easy to use. Choose one that is simple to operate and designed for ease of use.

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In the end, choosing the right fundraising device depends on several factors. The most important is making sure that the product is comfortable to hold, has all the features to help the supporters do their fundraising activities easily, and has enough room to display the logo as well as all the other information they need to include. A good way to draw attention to the donation kiosk is to place custom-made gifts on it such as t-shirts, hats, or any other kind of promotional merchandise. This will help draw attention to the fundraising event and give the donors something to remember it by.

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