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How to Fix the “SIM Not Provisioned MM#2” Error?

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Fix the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2

Is the ‘SIM Not Provisioned MM#2’ error popping up when you are changing your Sims? In this article, we are providing all the information from why this error is showing to what steps you can take to remove this cost.

What Does “SIM Not Provisioned” Mean?

Before removing that error you need to know why this error is popping up. The SIM cards in your phone possess certain information which allows the identification of your cell phone account on the mobile network using the IMEI number.

Due to this, you can make calls and use the mobile internet. Your mobile is showing this error because it isn’t able to share information between your mobile and your provider. This particular error would only be shown to mobile users who are required to register a new SIM card.

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It can also be shown when there is an issue with the SIM card, if it is that issue then it will require replacing.

If your mobile is showing the “SIM card not provisioned MM2” error there can be various reasons behind it. It can vary from you buying a new SIM card, shifting contacts to a fresh SIM card to your mobile network provider’s server being unavailable. One other reason may be the placement of the SIM card.

If you’re wondering about any other error messages that might pop up like the ‘SIM not valid’ error then you should try unlocking the SIM will not show you those errors.

Other types of errors

How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error

SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error

Another error that pops up a lot is ‘ SIM not provisioned for voice’. It pops up when the mobile is connected to the Google Fi network which is a mix of mobile and Wi-Fi networks and on Google Pixel devices.

Besides this, there might be other circumstances where the “SIM not provisioned for the voice” error is shown. This error means that the user will not be able to make voice calls. It is caused due to the user’s line being disconnected from the carrier account.

How can the “SIM 2 Not Provisioned MM#2” Error be resolved?

Please check if the “SIM is not provisioned” error is specifying a number then it means you are using a dual-SIM phone. As every slot is numbered, you might be able to recognize “SIM 1 not provisioned” and “SIM 2 not provisioned” errors. We have mentioned 5 methods to fix the ‘SIM not provisioned’ error:

Restart Your Phone

Firstly try restarting your phone and see if the error is showing or not. You can go through the usual process to restart your phone and see if the error still appears and if the card is activated.

Correctly Insert the SIM Card

If the above method doesn’t work then try inserting the SIM card correctly. Sometimes the error is showing due to the improper insertion of the SIM card. This can be because of the shape of the SIM card or an ill-designed SIM card slot.

If you wish to see if the card is properly inserted then you need to switch off your phone and find the SIM card. You can do that by opening the back panel (if it is an older phone). In these kinds of phones, you would have to remove the battery to access the SIM card.

In some phones, it can be found at the side of the handset. For opening this kind of slot you will require a small tool which is given with the phone. You need to put the tool in a small hole beside the caddy to eject the SIM. Remember to precisely remove it so you don’t accidentally remove the microSD storage card.

Sometimes removing the card might be difficult so you can use some tweezers or remove it from underneath if the battery is removable. After you have removed the card you should blow at it once and clean it with a lint-free cloth.

Now you can put in the SIM card again. You can refer to the illustration given besides the card slot. After putting the SIM card you can restart your phone. The error will not appear again. If the error shows then you can try the card on a different phone.

Activate Your SIM Card

The SIM card will be activated in 24 hours after being inserted in a new phone. If the SIM card isn’t activated then you can try methods such as calling an automated number, sending an SMS or logging into the activation page on the carrier’s website. If you try these options mostly the SIM will be activated and the error will be resolved. Please note that the options rely on the carrier.

Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider

How Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2

Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2

If the above-mentioned methods do not work it is time to make a call to your network provider. You can give them a call and explain the issue you are facing such as the error popping up on your device. The problem may be with the activation server which might prevent the SIM from activation.

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Due to this, the error might be showing. The network provider will keep you on the call until they solve the issue. If there is an activation server issue the SIM activation might be delayed. However, by calling the network provider your issue might be resolved earlier.

Purchase a New SIM Card

You can purchase a new SIM card by going to a local phone shop. Go for this method when none of the above-mentioned methods works. You can even purchase one at a branch of your network provider.

They can analyze and resolve the “SIM not provisioned MM#2” error. Even if they perform some steps again see it as a part of the diagnostic process. If it still doesn’t work out purchase a new SIM card. The branch can provide a new SIM card and link your account. If it means you need a new SIM card, this shouldn’t be a problem.


If the problem persists after you have attempted to solve it yourself then you need to contact the network provider. Once the issue is resolved the SIM card will work smoothly. This is all the information we have regarding the SIM card errors.

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