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Quick Methods On How To Crawl In Minecraft

by Ganesh Kolekar
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Minecraft is a very popular game that is being played by millions of people. One of the most popular and most addictive elements of Minecraft is the ability to dig down into the ground and find all sorts of cool stuff. To do this you need to be able to crawl.

Wondering how to crawl in Minecraft, and how to crawl with various items. In this guide, we’ll teach with in depth guide. Crawling in Minecraft, is a very useful and fun mechanic that can be used in many different ways.

Crawling is Minecraft’s way of handling the “getting stuck” part of digging. Okay, let’s find out what is crawling in Minecraft and how we can crawl in Minecraft.

What Is Crawling In Minecraft

Crawling is a fun feature in Minecraft. Crawling lets your player move through places that are less than 1.5 blocks high, including a single-block high passage. It makes use of the swimming motion that is already present in the game to create this effect.

In general, the crawling will begin when your head intersects the block, making it difficult to walk straight. As a result, you can continue moving ahead as long as the available height is less than 1.5 blocks.

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Easy Ways On How To Crawl In Minecraft

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To get out of any suffocating place with less stress and trouble, gamers can start crawling in numerous methods. Learn how to crawl in Minecraft in the following ways.

Method #1: How To Crawl In Minecraft Using Trapdoors

The space you want to crawl through should be exactly one block high. Blocks can be placed above ground, or a hole can be dug through the side of an existing structure, such as a cliff, to create this.

Place a trapdoor at the entrance of the passage on the block right above it. It may be placed on either the top or bottom side of the block, depending on what you want.

The trapdoor should be left closed in the first event (so that it sticks straight out). In the second scenario, leave it in the “open” state (so that it sits flush with the block).

Everything is now ready for your own Minecraft crawl space. All you have to do is enter and interact with the trapdoor on your way in. When it’s opened or closed, it’ll force your character to crawl.

As long as there is a block above you, you will continue to crawl forward. The crawling motion will automatically end after you reach a height of 1.5 blocks.

Method #2: How To Crawl In Minecraft Without Trapdoor

If you want to force your character into a tiny location, trapdoors aren’t the only option available to you. Crawling is triggered automatically if the player’s head crosses a block in such a way that the space beneath the block is smaller than 1.5 blocks.

As an example, consider the following:

  • Closing a fence gate after it has been placed at your character’s head level.
  • Pushing a block into the player using a piston.
  • Entering a one-block-high space after exiting the swimming mode.
  • You can exit the elytra mode in a one-block-high space.
  • Growing a tree over a player’s head.
  • In an area that is less than 1.5 blocks high, throw Ender Pearl.
  • Being hit in the head by a boat.
  • A shulker box can be used to force the player down.

So, the player automatically shifts to crawling mode in the above situations. In this stage, the player remains crawling until there is enough room over his head for him to rise. If a player crawls, he or she moves at a slower speed.

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How To Crawl In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

how to crawl in minecraft bedrock

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As soon as you exit the water, you will see the swimming motion in Bedrock Edition. Then, the physics behaves as though you’re flying through the air (but cannot move up or down).

Why is crawling useful?

If you’re looking to create a secret room, this setup is perfect. If there is a single missing brick, nobody will stop there. Simply remove the trapdoor after you leave and no one else will have access to your hidden secret base.

Obstacle courses are another great way to apply this crawling technique. Not many people are aware of this neat technique, which will offer some extra challenge to your map. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to capture screenshots or videos.


Now you know how to crawl in Minecraft with both Java and Bedrock editions. The question is, what are you going to do with your newly acquired powers? Tell us in the comments section below.

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