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How To Crop Pdf Without Acrobat for Free?

When you need to modify PDF documents, crop PDF tools may be quite helpful. Many of them provide a number of features, such as the ability to crop PDF information and pages. The majority of these programmes can help you crop PDF files for free. So, let’s learn how to crop pdf without acrobat for free?

PDFelement Pro

How to Crop Pdf Without Acrobat

PDFelement Pro is a free PDF crop tool that allows you to crop PDF files. Cropping your PDF documents is quite simple with PDFelement Pro. It includes a straightforward user interface with editing capabilities for merging, cropping, rotating, and even changing the page numbers on a document.

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You may acquire a free trial and use it for no charge, but the PDF files will be watermarked when saved. The following are a few of these attributes:


  • It may crop a single page, several pages, or numerous PDFs at the same time.
  • It’s also handy for modifying PDF documents, such as text and picture editing.
  • Annotation tools like as highlighting and marking up are quite handy.
  • It can also convert PDFs to Word, HTML, TXT, and a variety of other formats.
  • It has an OCR function that allows you to modify scanned PDFs.

PDFill PDF Tools

PDFill is one of the greatest free PDF cropping solutions on the market. It includes a straightforward user interface with editing capabilities for merging, cropping, rotating, and even changing the page numbers on a document. It also contains advanced functionality, such as the ability to decode or encrypt PDF documents.


  • It has a lot of functions, and its simple user interface makes it simple to locate and use them.
  • It’s free to utilize all of them.
  • It misses some of the more advanced features offered in premium products.

Shaper for PDFs

PDF Shaper is a free PDF cropping and editing programme. It has a lot of functions, such as splitting, cropping, merging, and converting PDFs from one format to another. It may also be used to add a watermark to a document, as well as headers and footers to PDFs.


  • Has a number of features, such as the ability to encrypt and decode PDF files.


  • Some programme functionalities do not perform as planned;
  • The application’s user interface can be difficult to use.

PDFTK Builder

Online pdf crop tools

The ability to seamlessly combine and reorganize PDF files is one of PDFTK Builder’s greatest capabilities. It’s incredibly simple to crop a PDF file with this programme. When you need to modify a large number of PDF documents and want to keep track of them all, this is a terrific function to have. It’s also useful for cropping PDF files quickly.


  • It is free to use and offers a lot of options for cropping, merging, and splitting PDF documents.
  • In comparison to other PDF editors, it provides much less security choices.

Shuffler for PDFs

Many PDF editing capabilities, including the ability to crop PDF files for free, are available with PDF Shuffler. With a simple click, you may crop or rotate PDF pages.

There are additional options for adding bookmarks and changing the author name of the document.


  • It’s quick and easy to crop PDFs, and it includes a tone of other options to help you modify them.
  • It’s solely for Linux.
  • It is not possible to crop multiple PDF pages using this programme.

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Briss is a free PDF cropper. It comes with tools that make cropping any PDF file a breeze. It has a visual editing procedure that lets you see what you’re doing when trimming a PDF document, which helps you avoid making mistakes.


  • Cropping PDFs is as easy as picking the region you want to crop, and it can crop several PDF documents at once.
  • It doesn’t have all of the sophisticated capabilities that other PDF editors have.
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