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How To Make Money By Selling Stock Images On Your Own Wordpress Website?

by Ganesh Kolekar
How To Make Money Selling by Stock Images

You can also sell stock photographs straight from your own self-hosted website. Once you’ve amassed a large collection of images, selling them from your own website can be quite profitable. Let’s find out how to make money by selling stock images with a simple guide.

Many photographers are put off by the prospect of selling photographs from their own website because they believe it necessitates an expensive e-commerce platform and convoluted payment processors. While this was once true, it is now relatively simple to put up your own website to sell photographs.

How to Make Money by Selling Stock Images

If your website is built on WordPress, you’re in luck because there’s a tone of plugins and themes dedicated to selling stock photos. A plugin like Sell Media is simple to install and configure, allowing you to start profiting from your photographs right away.

You may accept online payments, password-protect and watermark your photographs, and sell them under a number of licenses.

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You’ll have to think about how much to charge for your photos. You’ll undoubtedly want to price low to compete with the big stock photography sites, but keep in mind that you’ll get 100% of each transaction, not half.

Selling photographs in a bundle or collection based on a theme might also help you earn more money.

It’s also worth thinking about putting some of your photographs up for free on one of the free stock photography websites, with a link back to your site. This will help you establish your brand by driving more people back to your website (where you can make more purchases).


how to sell stock images

The Sell Media plugin not only lets you sell your photos as stock, but it also lets you sell photo prints directly from your website. This is a fantastic option to provide clients with because it allows them to view photographs from a photo session at their leisure and order as many prints as they want.

This not only allows clients to purchase prints from their personal photo sessions, but it also allows you to sell pictures to website visitors looking for the ideal image for their home or business. Although the market for physical art prints isn’t as high as it is for digital picture licenses, it could still be a profitable sideline for you, especially if you specialize in landscapes or more artistically themed photography.

Look through some interior design publications to see what other people have on their walls and see if you have anything similar in your collection.

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The primary issue with selling prints is that printing them yourself can take a long time and be extremely costly. If you have a stock of prints on hand, you will have to pay for them up front out of your own wallet and risk their not selling. If you order them on demand, it can take a long time and cost you more money in shipping and packing supplies.

Using a plugin to automate the process makes things much easier because the photographs can be sent immediately to your favorite print vendor and mailed to the consumer on demand without any intervention.

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