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How To Make Paper In Minecraft : 3 Easy Steps

by Ganesh Kolekar
how to make paper in minecraft

Many crafting recipes use paper as a basic ingredient to create items like maps and books. Despite as a standalone item, a paper may not be of much use.

Minecraft players know how difficult it is to get paper. Keep on reading to learn how to make paper in Minecraft with step by step guide.

Buildings created with outstanding detail and picture-perfect block placement come to mind when we think about Minecraft. But Minecraft is also characterized by other materials that play an important part in the general environment of the game.

In this article, we will learn the recipe to make a paper in Minecraft, so let’s start without further delay.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft

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If you have ever played Minecraft, then you know the pain to find the ingredients you require. But don’t stress, in this guide, we will tell you 2 ways to get paper in Minecraft.

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Method #1: How To Make Paper In Minecraft With Sugar Cane

Many players use sugarcane to make the paper as a default approach. Paper can be made from three sugarcanes. In Minecraft, sugarcane is a green plant, similar to bamboo, but not three-dimensional.

If you want to learn how to make paper in Minecraft with sugarcanes, follow the instructions given below.

Step #1: Find And Collect Sugar Cane

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate and harvest a sugar cane plant. Sugar cane plants are usually found near water. To harvest sugar cane, you must break it.

In Minecraft, you would break a sugar cane plant just like you would any other basic ingredient. For this, you don’t need any special tools or equipment. Sugar Cane will vanish after a short period of time, so grab them quickly.

Step #2: Crafting Paper

The 3×3 crafting grid will appear when you open the crafting menu option. Paper is made from 3 sugar canes organized in the following pattern:

  • Row 1: Keep all the boxes blank
  • Row 2: Put 1 sugar cane in each box
  • Row 3: Keep all the boxes blank

Easy, Right?

Step #3: Move Item To Inventory

The paper item will appear to the right of the 3×3 crafting grid after all objects have been placed in the right places on the grid. A single set of ingredients produces three pieces of paper using this recipe. Grab the paper and place it in your player’s inventory.

Method #2: How To Make Paper In Minecraft Without Sugar Cane

how to craft paper in minecraft without sugar cane

Pic Credit: Pixabay

There are a few places where you may get paper if you don’t want to produce it. Resources are harder to achieve in Minecraft. Thanks to your luck if you locate it, otherwise you have to make it.

In shipwreck, you can always find paper. The water is near enough to some shipwrecks that they do not require special water breathing potions. Additionally, you may also obtain a paper from a village via trading, but you must be close enough to the player’s spawn point.

How to Make Toilet Paper in Minecraft

It’s time to create toilet paper as now you know how to make paper in Minecraft. There is no use for the toilet paper item in Minecraft. In other words, it is just aesthetic. You’ll need three objects to make toilet paper: a button, white wool, and an item frame.

Step #1: Create A Button

It’s easy to create a button. Just use any type of plank (Jungle, Acacia, etc.). Stone or even polished Blackstone can be used. Place any one of the three item types in the middle of the 3×3 crafting grid to make a button.

  • A log item is required to make planks. A tree’s log may be used to make four similar planks by placing them in the center of the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Cobblestone (found in hilly parts of the game) and any type of fuel may be used to obtain the stone. These items may be placed in the furnace to produce Stone.
  • Polished Blackstone may be created by combining four Blackstone components found in mountain ranges into a single product.

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Step #2: Collect White Wool

Sheep in the game may be used to obtain white wool. Shearing sheep may be done using any instrument. You’ll need to shear several sheep since sheep mobs drop a range of wool.

Step #3: Craft Item Frame

You’ll need a Leather item and eight Stick items to manufacture the Item Frame item. A pair of Wooden Planks are used to create a stick by arranging them vertically in a 3×3 crafting grid.

Step #4: Create Toilet Paper

Put the toilet paper and holder in the desired location. As a first step, place the Button item. Then, position the Item Frame over the button. Last but not least, put the white wool on the button. That’s it. A beautifully designed bathroom accessory for your Minecraft house is ready.


Even though Minecraft is mostly a survival game, paper is necessary at later levels since it allows for the creation of enchantments within the game. And now you know how to make paper in Minecraft within moments, it’s time to play the game.

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