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Is Google Pay Safe? | How to Use Google Pay Safely?

There are several applications present in today’s internet world that sometimes we are confused about which one to use. The world is going cashless. Like other apps we have a concern about google pay i.e. “is google pay safe?”, this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Today’s digital world has made our life much easier. Online contactless payments have relieved us from the headache of cash and credit cards. There are ample online payment apps in the market. The one we all are familiar with and most of us are using is Google Pay.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet app that provides UPI payment services and is developed by Google. You can use google play to make in-app purchases, send payments to other Google Pay users, and pay for purchases in shops and eating places.

The increasing number of cyber frauds makes us worry about the application that we are using for making payments. So, how safe are these apps? How does it protect you from fraud? Are your payments secure with google pay? In this article, we will answer all these questions.

How Does Google Pay Work?

The popularity behind Google Pay is the seamless and hassle-free payment process that it provides to its users. If you are new to Google pay then you need to first provide your credit card or debit card details which will become a payment method.

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Additionally, it provides a balance feature that allows the users to either store the received money or withdraw it to their associated bank account. It operates under the UPI framework of NPCI. it allows the users to make their payments without revealing their card numbers.

Despite its immense popularity, it has raised safety questions multiple times. So, let’s check how safe this application is. Google Pay: Is It Safe? Well, google play ranks higher in terms of security and terms of consumer satisfaction.

How Secure Are Your Payments In Google Pay?

is google pay safe
Is Google pay safe?

1. Google Pay Hides Your Payment Details

If I tell you using Google pay is much safer than using a credit or a debit card. Would you believe me? yes, it is much more secure in google pay as it hides all the details related to payment.

It hides your card number throughout the process of transaction, further protecting you from any kind of fraud.

2. Doesn’t Broadcast Your Transactions

Another amazing feature of google pay is that it doesn’t broadcast your transactions. Instead of using wifi, Google pay uses NFC for in-person payments. This is considered much safer as the data is broadcasted only up to 4cm.

So, if every person tries to disrupt or interfere with the community or signal, you can in reality see by using your side and get them caught right there.

3. It Is Protected by Your Phone security

Before getting to the app, you need to unlock it either with a PIN or biometrics like Face ID, depending upon your security settings. This prohibits anyone from using the app other than the user.

You must recognize that it is not feasible to put the Google Pay software on a device without any lock display attribute.

4. It Alerts You About Suspicious Payments/Activities

If any suspicious activities are taking place, google pay will automatically alert you to refrain from making any transactions. Google pay uses ML technology to identify any kind of fraud and alerts the users about the same.

5. It Can Be Deleted Remotely

Google pay allows its users to delete the application remotely using the Find My Device feature of the google account. Using this feature you can delete all your data stored in the app remotely.

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6. It Allows You to Opt-Out of Data Sharing

Google pay doesn’t compromise in offering high levels of privacy compared to its other alternatives. The users’ can opt-out of having their transaction history shared with advertisers by logging into their Google account and simply changing the privacy settings.

what is google pay and is it safe
What is google pay?

How to Use Google Pay Safely?

By now your doubt regarding the security and privacy related to google pay must have been resolved. The following are some points for you to help you to use google play competently and wisely.

  • Check each transaction and report if you sense any suspicious activity.
  • Always optimize your phone’s security settings
  • Re-check the amount before making a transaction
  • Be sure of the amount or profile who is asking for the payment
  • In case you have to transfer a large sum of money, then start with small transactions to confirm it with the receiver.
  • Do not use this app to make transactions with strangers.

Should You Use Google Pay?

Google pay is undoubtedly a secure application to make transactions as it keeps all the payment information on secure servers.

It is much safer than using any debit cards or credit cards. Google pay never shares your card information with the receiver or any third party. It also alerts the users in case of any fraud.

The only drawback is that google pay does not offer buyer protection. so, be careful about the purpose you are using it for. Use it wisely.

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