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5 Reasons To Use Automated Webinars In Your Marketing Plan

Regular webinars are taken a step further with automated webinars, which provide an on-demand version of the webinar that may be accessed at any time.

In essence, this is a video that anybody can see on your website or on your social network profiles. Instead of setting a time for a live webinar that you hope will accommodate a wide range of schedules, automated webinars are a great method to communicate with prospects and clients when they have the time.

Automated webinars are frequently chastised for their lack of depth and audience participation, but like any video, it’s all in the effort! You’re right – the webinar will not be warmly received if you have a monotonous speaker going over similarly dull PowerPoint slides.

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5 Reasons To Use Automated Webinars

Putting up a unified and engaging automated webinar is a significant job, but it’s definitely worth it!

1) You’ll Get More Done in Less Time

Live webinars may eat up a lot of your time. You’ll need to create registration landing pages, send reminders, thank you emails, and organise dry runs with your speaker, among other things. And if you wish to do that live webinar a second time, you’ll have to start from scratch!

The benefit of an automated webinar is that you only have to create it once, or until it’s perfected. You devise a strategy, practise it, and then put it into action, posting it on your website and sharing it on social media.

One of the nicest aspects is that you are not competing with the clock. With a live webinar, you already have a date set, and once you post the registration page and people start signing up, this live webinar will happen regardless of how busy you or your presenters are with other commitments.

You’re not racing against the time with an automated webinar; you put the video out there when it’s completely baked, optimised, and ready to watch!

2) There is Always a Presentation Available

An automated webinar has the advantage of being available at all times. From your website to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Prospects who are investigating your firm and doing their homework will be able to access these videos and view them whenever they have time, rather than attempting to fit a live webinar into their calendar.

Automated webinars are a marketing tool that will continue to exist around the globe, ready for potential customers to view and learn about your business. There are relatively few marketing initiatives that are “always on,” such as automatic webinars, aside from website pages.

3) A Lead Generation Tool That Is Always On

Because the presentation is constantly live and visible to prospects, you may use it as a lead generating tool at any time. An engine that never fails! You still have a registration page with automated webinars, which is where you collect prospect information.

When it comes to your marketing strategy, being able to optimise projects and efforts that are essential “set-it-and-forget-it” is critical to increasing your inbound lead counts and, as a result, increasing income for your company.

When using techniques like these, you may have recurrent inbound leads and give your marketing team more time to focus on one-time events like conferences, trade exhibitions, or even a live webinar event.

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4) It’s simple to share

Automated webinars are simple to distribute! You can’t distribute the content as readily as you can with a live webinar, and even if you can, the context may be lost if you didn’t attend the live event.

When a prospect watches an automated webinar and likes what they see and finds value in the information, they are more likely to share it on social media or send an email to their boss with a link to watch it. Because automated webinars aren’t designed to be live, anyone can view them and comprehend what they’re about! As a result, sharing is more likely.

5) Automated Webinars Provide More Face Time

More face time is the final reason why automated webinars should be a part of your marketing plan. That is, you will be able to spend more “face” time with your prospects. It doesn’t matter if it’s a member of your staff, your CEO, or an industry expert who speaks on the webinar.

The more a prospect can see a face associated with your business, the more “Real” and approachable it appears. Which is another reason why you must carefully select your automated webinar presenters. The “brand voice” that has been established as part of your brand guidelines should be conveyed by your speakers.

Having personalised and high-quality automated webinars is a valuable asset to have along the buyer’s journey.

An automated webinar may begin as a lead generation tool, but if you create content that covers the whole purchasing process and utilises the videos in nurturing efforts, you’ll find that prospects are more inclined to remain with you since you’ve become a sympathetic firm in their eyes.

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