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The Benefits of Wind Power

by Ganesh Kolekar
Benefits of Wind Power in 2021

The technique of using wind to create electricity is known as wind energy or wind power. Wind turbines transform kinetic wind energy into mechanical energy that may be employed for specific activities or converted to electricity.

A wind farm is a grouping of wind turbines that generate power at the same time in the same place. They can be built onshore or offshore; for example, the London Array, which has 175 turbines and is located 20 kilometres off the coast of Kent, is the world’s biggest offshore wind farm.

According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, onshore wind generation jumped by 50% year over year to 6.0 TWh in the second quarter of 2017, while offshore wind generation increased by 22% to 4.0 TWh. Will this trend continue as wind farms get more powerful and efficient?

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Wind energy has several advantages:

  • It is a dependable and limitless renewable energy source;
  • It is cost effective, with prices continuing to reduce;
  • When utilised instead of fossil fuels, wind energy lowers carbon emissions.
  • Offshore wind farms may benefit from offshore wind flow without obstructing the view of the landscape.
  • Gains for the environment
  • There are no carbon emissions when wind energy is produced.
  • The energy spent in manufacturing and building wind turbines may be repaid rather quickly, since it can be used to replace electricity generated from other sources such as fossil fuel power plants, resulting in total reductions in carbon emissions. This can take as little as six to eight months for a large wind turbine on a favourable site.
  • It is a pollution-free and waste-free energy source.

Wind energy provides advantages and is a cost-effective choice for many places of the world since it does not require direct sunshine exposure like solar energy does.

Some Other Benefits of Wind Power

Benefits of Wind Power for us

1) Complimentary Gas

There is no need for fuel because wind turbines run only on the energy produced by the wind. The turbine does not need to be fuelled or connected to power to continue functioning once it has been completed and mounted. In comparison to other kinds of renewable energy, which may require some energy expenditure, this lowers the total cost of operating large-scale wind farms.

2) One of the most environmentally friendly methods of energy production

Wind energy does not contribute to climate change by producing greenhouse gases because it does not rely on fossil fuels to power its turbines.

Wind energy only emits greenhouse gases indirectly during the production and transportation of wind turbines, as well as during installation. Wind energy in the United States provides endless energy to homes and businesses.

3) Technological Advances

Preliminary wind turbine designs have been developed into incredibly efficient energy harvesters thanks to recent technological developments. Turbines come in a variety of sizes, allowing them to be used by a wide range of enterprises and people on bigger lots and plots of land. As technology advances, so do the structure’s capabilities, resulting in designs that generate more power, needs less maintenance, and operate more quietly and safely.

4) Doesn’t Cause Disruption to Farming Operations

Wind turbines may be built on pre-existing farms, and energy providers can pay farm owners to build on their land through contracts or leases. This is a huge help to farmers who could use some additional cash, and the footprints of wind turbines take up very little area on the ground, so it doesn’t interfere with their farm’s produce. Wind generating facilities now cover less than 1.5 percent of the contiguous United States’ geographical area. However, with so many plains and cattle land in the heart of the nation, there’s plenty of room for development if landowners and government land managers are willing to take the risk.

5) Reduces Our Fossil Fuel Dependence

Fossil fuel energy not only contributes to climate change, but it will also run out one day. There is an unlimited supply of wind as long as the sun heats the globe. Furthermore, inventing and investing in technology that can only function on a finite resource—one that we may deplete within our lifetime—is a horrible waste of human capital, private finances, and tax dollars.

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